Mountain Creek Reach Evaluation

Mountain Creek is located in North Eastern Oregon and drains into the John Day River. Mountain Creek serves as spawning habitat for steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) which are currently listed as threatened. The overall health of the steelhead population in the middle Columbia River along with limiting factors and guidelines for recovery were detailed in the August 2008 paper "Conservation and Recovery Plan for Oregon Steelhead Populations in the Middle Columbia River Steelhead Distinct Population Segment," henceforth referred to as the "Mid-C Recovery Plan."

The purpose of this reach evaluation is to identify the severity of the limiting factors on a reach by reach basis and create an interactive GIS framework with the purpose of improving the effectiveness of restoration work conducted within the Mountain Creek watershed.

The field survey of Mountain Creek was conducted from August 8th, 2010 through October 8th, 2010. Field technicians systematically walked and surveyed the stream channel starting at the confluence with Rock Creek up to above where Mountain Creek turns into Badger Creek.

To read the Reach Evaluation you can download the PDF by right-clicking the link: 

Mountain Creek Reach Evaluation_update.pdf3.61 MB