Mission Statement

To maximize economic and environmental watershed values for Wheeler County residents by developing, conserving, and protecting water, soil, plant structures, and other natural resources.


Improve the health of the watersheds through holistic measures that enhance water quality and quantity, soil health, and conservation for beneficial uses

  • Promote implementation of the Mid-John Day Agricultural Water Quality Management Area Plan
  • Promote and implement USDA Programs
  • Assist and promote watershed council activity
  • Seek funding for projects
  • Provide technical assistance to the public
  • Set strategic priority work areas
  • Implement district projects
  • Initiate a major offensive against invasive species
  • Form or maintain partnerships with federal, state, and local agencies and tribes
  • Promote relevant research and monitoring
  • Conduct watershed assessments/action plans/conservation planning

Provide education and outreach to the public

  • Produce newsletters and an annual report
  • Organize tours and workshops for students, landowners, and land managers
  • Participate in community activities
  • Partner with local schools to further natural resource educational opportunities
  • Develop funding source(s) for public education activities
  • Provide AgWQMAP fact sheets and information for distribution

Manage the business of the district in an efficient and effective manner

  • Encourage staff and director development by attending workshops, conventions, and training sessions
  • Meet state filing requirements for budget, audit, and reports
  • Hold monthly board meetings and a December annual meeting
  • Seek secure funding by exploring creative and productive ways to finance district operations and fund employee positions
  • Develop operational policies & procedures